No-sink cover installations

Duralevel System

The sewer casts (covers) incorporated into the road network are subject to considerable load due to the always increasing vehicle traffic. The frequent sinking of traditional covers, apart from representing annoyance to travellers, cause inestimable damage in the running gears of vehicles. In the meantime, the subsequent repair of such sinking represent several billion Hungarian forint costs on a national level every year.
The experts of the Budapest Sewage Works Ltd. developed in 2003 the new and complex technical solution, the so-called Duralevel System, which ensures the alignment of the manhole covers and sinkhole grids to the level of the road and at the same time that the casts and their environment to not sink as a result of the load coming from vehicle traffic. This result is ensured by the great load-bearing elements - the prefabricated and certified quality concrete rings, as well as (levelling) circle elements of various thickness made of anti-corrosion metal or plastic and inserted between the rings, the so-called scuffs - as well as a special mortar. The steel cast anchoring elements provide protection against movement.
The Duralevel System complies with the inspection requirements of the D-400 class of the international standard MSZ-EN 124 and make possible the setting of the casts at mm accuracy, including a perfect fit to any angular offset of the pavement. The technology has a Construction Industry Technical Authorization (number: A 58/2004 ÉMI Bp.) and the Hungarian Road Management body has given its consent to its use in its letter K6724/2006.
The Hungarian Patent Office gave a use sample and temporary patent protection to the technical solutions and elements of the Duralevel System in 2005.

Advantages of the Duralevel System

  • The technology can be used both for repair, road reconstruction and new road construction. 
  • The technology of installation can be easily and quickly learnt. 
  • No new machine park is necessary for the execution of the operations, since it can be made with the traditional tools, machines and the use of traditional covers and grids. 
  • Compared to the previous technology, the installation time is much shorter and counting from the commencement of the works, road traffic can be unhindered in about three hours. 
  • Although the necessary elements represent some additional expenses (they cost 10-15 thousand HUF/shaft), this is recovered on the long term, since the covers and sinkhole grids remain at their level despite strong load, saving subsequent and considerable reconstruction costs. 
  • With the exact application of the technology, the casts remain at level with the road for the whole life cycle of the road – independently from the traffic load.


In Budapest, as a result of the road reconstruction system from 2004 and the application of
the Duralevel System, the condition of the roads has considerably improved. The experiences of the last years are clearly favourable, since level divergences exceeding the 10 mm tolerance – due to installation inaccuracies – have happened at less than 1% of the casts installed so far. In the Capital City only the Duralevel System is used anymore. 

From 2004, more than 50 thousand manhole casts have been built or installed at a national level and in Budapest.
Among similar technical level and durable technologies known so far, the Duralevel System has proven to be the most cost-efficient. 



Reference installations in Budapest:

I.-II. ker. Bem rakpart-Árpád fejedelem út-Szentendrei út
I. ker. Fő u.-Lánchíd u.
V. ker. Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út
IX. ker. Soroksári út-Dózsa György út-Grassalkovits út
IX. ker. Üllői út
VII. ker. Dohány u.
VII. ker. Rottenbiller u.
XI. ker. Budafoki u.

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