Organic waste management


Complying with todays environmental requirements and challenges on the one hand and recognising the possible renewable energy source in the wastewater sludge, the Budapest Sewage Works has left its old role and has by now become the biggest environment management company in the country. Apart from its core activity of wastewater collection and treatment, it deals with air cleanliness protection, waste management, and even the production of bio energy. The first Hungarian so-called thermofile sludge digestion unit operated at the South-Pest plant, producing bioenergy from the organic matter content of the wastewater (65 thousand m3) arriving every day. In a foreseeing way, we have built the capacity of this environmental investment considerable even at a European level so that it is much bigger, thus the South-Pest plant is able to receive waste originating from outside the sewer network as well. More and more agricultural, food industry and catering industry companies recognise their environmental responsibility and choose this way of treating waste. Not least, the EU-conform legislation also oblige the company to do this. Dishwater and food remains cannot – and must not – be dumped in the wastewater or fed to animals; it can be used to produce electric energy at this plant. This method of eliminating waste is not only environment-friendly, but also produce further green energy.


South-Pest Wastewater Treatment Plant
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