The International Labour Organization (ILO) of the UNO awarded a recognition to the Budapest Sewage Works (FCSM) Ltd. For the activities exercised in the field of job equality, the award "The diverse and welcoming workplace, Best Practice, corporate ambassador" was handed over by Severine Deboas, coordinator of the CSR & Social Financing program of the ILO in November 2007.

At our company, the forfeit of equality is the Collective Agreement and the Equality Plan renewed in 2007. 

The title of the plan is:

  • respect of the equal treatment and the regulation of work processes for the purpose of enhancing equality;
  • the bettering of work conditions, with special regards of the bettering of the conditions of employees over 40 and disabled employees;
  • equal access to training programs;
  • facilitating the transition to pensioner age;
  • expanding the benefits of employees with families.

For the purpose of realizing equality, we have designated an equality referent. His task is to control the respect of equality, the evaluation of the realization of the plan, the preparation of the plan and conciliation with the employer and the representations of the employees. The employment of the referent makes possible, besides the fulfilment of the listed tasks, that any person who feels that he/she has suffered a disadvantageous treatment can contact a concrete person.

In order to ensure workplace equality, we have prepared a model that is suitable to enhance the access to jobs of persons disadvantaged from a labour market aspect and their integration, the hiring and integration of people in senior age and the Roma, by becoming a part of the daily practices of human resources.


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