Agglomeration relations

The relations of the Budapest Sewage Works Ltd. (FCSM) with the agglomeration of the capital are not new. The sewer network of the capital receives more than 2.5 million cubic meter wastewater every year from numerous townships, such as Kerepestarcsa, Gyál, Vecsés, Üllő, Nagykovácsi, Üröm, Budakalász, Dunakeszi, Csömör and Szigetszentmiklós.

Our company has extensive experience in the operation of agglomeration water public utilities as well. On the basis of the cooperation agreement concluded with the municipality of Nagykovácsi, the waterworks of the township have been operated by a jointly owned service provider since 1999, ensuring the drinking water supply and collecting wastewater. On the basis of the cooperation agreement concluded with the Municipality of Budaörs, the wastewater collection utilities and the treatment plant of Budaörs are operated by a jointly owned company. Our tasks are not constrained to the sole operation. As experts of the municipality, we participate in the preparation of the decisions related to water public utility developments and reconstructions, the management of investments, which results in the continuous increase of the level of local water public utility services. In 2006, FCSM and our professional investor, Veolia Víz Zrt. committed, through the acquisition of a 26% stake in Érd and Environs Regional Waterworks Ltd., to transform ÉTV Kft into a service provider able to match nowadays needs and challenges.

Lately, more and more municipalities contact the Sewage Works to set the operation of their water utilities on a safe basis through the extension of the relationship. Our company is at their disposition, we evaluate the local specificities, the tasks to be resolved and the opportunities lying in a harmonized cooperation. We develop the details of such cooperation together with the experts of the municipalities so that a jointly favourable and calculable contract can be concluded that offers long term safety.

Nagykovácsi Waterworks Operating and Service Ltd.

The Municipality of the township of Nagykovácsi and the Budapest Sewage Works Ltd. concluded a cooperation agreement on 16 December 1998, in the framework of which they established Nagykovácsi Water Utility Ltd. The Ltd. operates the townships water utilities, drinking water and sewer network since 1 January 1999. FCSM performs the maintenance of water utilities in the framework of a mission contract. The Ltd. ensures the drinking water supply of 2,700 consumers and the collection of the wastewater of 1,450 consumers. Almost 100% of the townships area has public utility drinking water supply. The comprehensive construction of the wastewater collection system is expected in the near future as well. During the past years, thanks to the reinforced maintenance of water utilities, the cooperation of the ltd and the owner municipality and the developing investments, the level and safety of the service have considerably improved and the satisfaction of the consumers has risen.

TÖRSVÍZ Sewer Works Operating and Service Ltd.

The Municipality of the City of Budaörs, TÖRS Sewage Works Ltd. and the Budapest Sewage Works Ltd. concluded a cooperation agreement on April 8, 2003, in the framework of which TÖRS Ltd., owned at 51% by the Municipality of the City of Budaörs and at 49% by the Municipality of the township of Törökbálint and FCSM established TÖRSVÍZ Sewage Works Operating and Service Ltd. The Ltd has been operating the sewer network, pump stations and treatment plant ensuring the wastewater collection to some 8,000 consumers of Budaörs since April 15, 2003. FCSM performs the maintenance and operation of the sewer network and the pump stations in the framework of a mission contract. The Ltd operates the wastewater treatment plant and maintains a direct contact with the consumers. Similarly to Nagykovácsi, the company wishes to be the municipalitys partner in the preparation and management of the decisions regarding the sewer utility developments and reconstructions.

Érd and Environs Regional Waterworks Ltd.

Érd and Environs Regional Waterworks Ltd. (ÉTV) was established in 1993 as a joint desire of the 17 townships constituting the Western and Southern neighbours of Budapest, for the operation of the water and sewer utilities they had acquired. In 2006, the scope of owners made up of 14 township municipalities was extended with two professional investors. Veolia Víz Zrt, the Hungarian affiliate of the worlds largest water public utility service provider and the Budapest Sewage Works. They acquired a 26% stake in the company for a duration of 25 years. Following the acquisition of stakes by the professional investors, ÉTV Kft finished the suspended capacity development and reconstruction at the wastewater treatment plant. Through this, the wastewater treatment plants daily capacity of 5000 m3 increased to 8000 m3. The extended system has been operating from June, 2006. The sewerage level of Érd, Diósd and Tárnok, all located in the drainage area currently reaches only around 30-40% and the 5000 m3/day capacity plant received 5500 m3 water every day. The increase of the capacity was a condition to continue sewer constructions. A new chapter started in the life of ÉTV Ltd. with the arrival of the professional investors. The municipalitys core task made up of drinking water supply, wastewater collection and treatment are performed by a service provider that manages its resources in a more rational and efficient way, having a more service providing attitude, satisfying the consumers needs and owners expectations at a higher level and reaching a higher level of professional preparedness.