Complying with todays environmental requirements and challenges on the one hand and recognising the possible renewable energy source in the wastewater sludge, the Budapest Sewage Works has left its old role and has by now become the biggest environment protection service provider in the country. Apart from its core activity, it deals with air cleanliness protection, waste management, and even the production of bioenergy.

Most important results:

  • Due to the innovative and cutting-edge developments the North-Pest and South-Pest Wastewater Treatment Plants are able to treat biologically 51% of the wastewaters of Budapest.
  • In line with today’s expectations phosphorous and nitrogen are removed from the raw wastewaters by both wastewater treatment plants.
  • Taking the lead in the development and implementation of environmentally safe technologies in Hungary, the plants produce electric and thermal energy from the sludge originated biogas, due to which the plants are almost fully self-sufficient.
  • By receiving and processing wastes with high organic content, further renewable energy is produced at the wastewater treatment plants.
  • Budapest Sewage Works pays great attention to the prevention of odours, therefore by applying the most advanced air purification systems more than 2 million m³ of air is cleaned at the plants.
  • The company applies Europe’s most up-to-date network management technology.
  • Over the past few decades the number of sewer renovations has quadrupled, due to which sewer punctures have been minimised while sewage drainage has become much safer.
  • With the help of the non-stop Central Dispatching and remote control systems the company has minimised the time of eliminating malfunctions.
  • One of the most up-to-date laboratory in the sewage sector is in operation at the North-Pest Plant.