Laboratory services

The high quality services of the most modern wastewater industry laboratory of the country are guaranteed by the excellent instrumentation, as well as the well and continuously trained team of experts that has extensive experience.

Our laboratory and sampling department also undertakes external missions (accredited and non-accredited examinations). We receive the samples to be examined between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. at 1044 Budapest, Tímár str. 1. (phone.: 369-1291/502, e-mail: We send the results latest within 10 working days by post to the principal.

The reliability of the examination results is ensured by 

  • the appropriate functioning of the quality assurance systems,  
  • the internal control system of the laboratory and
  • the successful participation
    of the laboratory in the Qualco-Duna proficiency examinations.
    The Companys central laboratory has been operating in an accredited status ever since 1998. (Deed No: NAT-1-1333/2007).

As per the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025/2005 standard, the laboratory is accredited for the physical and chemical analysis of: 

  • wastewater,
  • backwash water,
  • under surface water (ground water) and
  • wastewater sludge samples.

The Sampling Department of the Water Quality Protection Group has been accredited (Deed No: NAT-1-1334/2007) for sampling from 

  • wastewater,  
  • backwash water and
  • under surface water (groundwater).

Classical analytics
The laboratory applies traditional analytical methods: 

  • gravimetrics,
  • volumetrics,
  • electrochemistry,
  • spectrophotometrics.

It performs enzyme activity, protein and carbohydrate content definition out of wastewater sludge. Relating to the biogas production, it performs the identification of gas composition (CO2, H2, N2 and CH4) and volatile acid and alkalinity.

Definition of metal polluting matters
The identification of toxic and non-toxic metal polluting matters of wastewater and wastewater sludge happens through atomic absorption spectrometer and ICP-AES spectrometer. It examines directly the samples coming from under surface water, after filtration, while other samples are examined with a microwave fracturer, in a nitric acid-hydrogen-peroxide environment.

Mercury is identified at ground water and wastewater through an analyser working according to an atomic fluorescence principle.

Definition of organic micro polluting matters
Organic halogenide examinations that can be mopped up (AOX examinations)

The laboratory has an organic halogen (AOX) measurement system that can be mopped up, made up of a controlling computer, a compression filter, an automated sample changer and micromcoulometric halogenid identifier unit. The "shaking" technique is applied for the preparation of samples. 

Gas-chromatography examinations

The laboratory operates two gas chromatographs of Agilent brand. One is type 6890N with GC FID and µEC detectors, while the other is type 5973, with quadrupol MS and µEC detectors. These instruments are equipped with split/splitless, and PTV injectors, electronic pressure and flow regulating system.

At the GC/MS system, cryorefrigeration with liquid nitrogen is also available, making possible the identification with high sensitivity of easily volatile water polluting matters evaporating even at ambient temperature. A multipurpose automatic sample measurer also connects to the GC, making possible, apart from the injection of liquid samples, the steam environment analysis as well as automated SPME sample enriching.

Biological analyses (not accredited)
The laboratory performs the microscope identification of organisms coming from the treatment plants, as well as Coliform, E. coli and total bacteria number identification from treated and chlored wastewater.

Environment Protection Department                  Laboratory Group
(1) 369-1291/502
(1) 370-2093
1044 Bp., Tímár str. 1.


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